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Laura Wells has lived in Istanbul since February of 2009, after having visited Turkey 30 times since 1999. Most recently, she’s the founder and Editor-in-Chief of NeoOttomanNews, a Middle Eastern news site. Previously, she headed up the English News Division of an Istanbul-based, multi-lingual network, 6 News (Haber 6), as well anchored the nightly world news program. She has contributed to various media outlets on regional stories such as Foreign Policy Magazine, the Daily Mail, Fox News’ On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren, Canada’s CTV, and RTE, BBC Ulster, Fox & CBS radio stations.

Before moving to Turkey, Laura was based in New York, where she worked at CNBC, CNBC World, and Reuters TV as well as with various production companies as a host, including the Emmy-award winning Matter & Beyond.

Laura has covered geo-political, technology, entertainment, and business news, the latter owing to her work at Merrill Lynch and one of the oldest hedge funds in the U.S., SMC Capital. She has interviewed a number of leaders in diverse fields including:

President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan (see Foreign Policy‘s The General Wants Back in His Labyrinth)
President Jose Sampaio of Portugal
Israeli Deputy For. Minister Danny Ayalon
Bahraini For. Minister Shaikh Khalid al Khalifa
Islam Scholar & Author Tariq Ramadan
Zimbabwean MDC Treasurer & MP Roy Bennett (see Foreign Policy, November 2009)
Author Karen Armstrong
MoMA Director Glenn Lowry
Actress Jeanne Moreau
Actor Ryan Gosling
Actress Lorraine Bracco
Actor Steve Buscemi
Singer/Musician Steve Winwood
Singer Fergie
Designer Karim Rashid
Designer Patricia Field
Def Jam & Phat Farm Founder Russell Simmons                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unix Co-Creator Dennis Ritchie

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